DAY 18 – Discovering-and-Protecting-Your-Divine-Gift-Marie-Mccohnell

All of us are unique and have a Divine Gift for ourselves and to share with others. It’s just that, some of us don’t believe it, think it, feel it or have been brain washed that you are not worthy of your divinity, love and special gifts. I believe you are !!!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know or confirm what Divine Gift, Wise Knowing, or Commission, you brought to the planet Earth when you were born? Discovering or remembering your gift could be a great  contributor to feelings of happiness and success! On this program Marie D. McCohnell will discuss what it means to be born with a special Divine Gift/Comisssion, and how to develop, protect and support those gifts in these modern times.We are born with at least one unique gift.Throughout your life you might display many talents and gifts but “The One Gift” or “Divine Commission” that you were born with “is a special calling”!  It is a calling that must be realized and fulfilled in order to satisfy your soul’s growth and mission.Marie has a B.A. degree in psychology and a M.S. degree in the education of the gifted. She has also received formal training and is certified in many health centered modalities including  reflexology, aroma therapy, mental and spiritual health via education, mentoring, counseling and intervention. 

Marie D. McCohnell is the owner of FOOD FOR HEARTS, Holistic Health, Wellness and Education Consultant and a Certified Gifted Teacher

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Z Point Clearing Releasing Unsupporting Beliefs and Negative Energy .Our unconscious holds in our belief system things that are not for our best and highest good.With much uncertainty, financial constrictions for people, businesses, and countries, job insecurity, unstable weather patterns, long held institutions that are crumbling, health pandemics, etc… there could be a lot of fear lurking down there… BUT one has to connect with the unconscious representation of it to clear  (that would be a body sense or a symbol the unconscious gives you).  Linda Lang has trained in Hypnotherapy, Zpoint, Huna, Shamanism, Reiki, Etheric Body Repair, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Emotion Code, Psych-k and Bodytalk, and others… offering workshops and private sessions for those who want to do inner work, for transformation or greater self awareness.Linda works from the point of view that one is not broken and does not need to be fixed, but rather, once we release limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, we are more able to see our magnificence and have access to our

Lordiel, a Spiritual Practitioner is available for individuals and groups ,more info    A LOVE Offering is greatly appreciated @ Please use for gift giving. Thank-you!



Day 16 … Divine Healing Energy with Lordiel

I share all that I AM with each of you and the energies are here whenever you need them. Listen to the entire program and please share with others. There are 5 more programs in this series and I thank you for being open to all that is. WE ARE ONE !!!

Many Blessings …………. Namaste! Lordiel

Link to listen and receive the energies are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!!!

I AM a Divine Instrument used in many ways. I AM a Spiritual Being here to learn any lessons and to guide you in whatever way you are ready to walk on your path. Because of all this, I AM Blessed with many gifts and have learned many energy modalities, spiritual tools and western medical knowledge. I too, like you have a story to tell… my own story. But tonight, as I always do … I come to you in truth to talk, chant, channel and guide you to assist you in awakening and evolving into who you really are. The Divine ask that you embrace all that you are, feel who you are and know who you are. Please call in and share your thoughts, comments and ask your questions. I AM but ONE … together we are many!!!

The 21 DAYS are for us to grow and learn from many aspects of life and realize that we are not alone. There are many that walk the many roads of life going to the same place. This can be our meeting place for this tribe to come together to share and embrace each other and support each other in love.

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There is much work to be done, and I AM but one person. If we each reach out to each other and continue until we embrace the world, we can make a huge difference.

I Believe! Do You Believe ?!?

Love & Light,Lordiel &


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Homegrown terrorism has no boundries. It has no skin color, no religion, no age. It has no one singular cause. But it does have disciples. And they can live anywhere. Even right next door to you. Enter Jr, an affable enough pre-teen whose just starting to like girls and dreams of becoming a lawyer…. click on the link at the bottom and please share and post!




This is an interview that I shared openly some of what I have gone through. So many of us are going through so many things today, that just maybe this will help you through your journey.

As you listen, take what you need form it to help you where ever you are in life.

Know that nothing is impossible and that everything is possible ….. It is not always easy. And yes, you can get angry, give up for a little bit, be depressed, feel hopeless, feel empty and useless and so many other things ……….. yes, you can feel them but don’t allow those feelings to take your life from you.

I AM THAT I AM and SO MUCH MORE …………… and SO ARE YOU !!!






DAY 15 – Creating Your True Reality with Michael Alan Kowal and Lordiel

Today is replay of Day 15 where we discuss understanding, aspiring to our fullest potential and experiencing a life changing experience today that will take you to another level. Find some quiet time to listen to this program and please share this with others so that they too may grow and be in the flow ………………. LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

Understand and embrace the essence of genuinely living a life full of joy from aspiring to your fullest potential not only through referring to tried and true philosophies, but using actual tools with which to attain and maintain the goals these philosophies teach. From bodywork to herbs, daily self-care methods to meditation techniques, experiential involvement with nature to recipes for disease remediation, there are myriad possibilities for personal success on all levels of perception for health and well being, that make life not only more survivable, but joyful.
With the purest of intentions, it is Michael Kowal’s goal to connect to all of his listeners  with hopes of not only engaging them with pure enjoyment through his music, but perhaps a life-changing experience that speaks only of knowing, and knows only truth. Michael Alan Kowal aka Nashista is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and synthesist. Michael has been writing and performing for thirty years and has focused on ambient/meditative music for the past sixteen, writing pieces for film, performance, and the meditative arts. His eclectic background is comprised of not only music, but Massage Therapy, QiGong, TaiChi, and Wildlife Biology, sharing his teaching experiences with people of all ages from children to the elderly.

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