A lot of fear and anger is being experienced  because there are so many questions and very few answers. I will be channeling answers and healing live to those that call in and discussing fear and anger. CALL IN # 646-378-0386.

There is so much fear and anger globally that it is time to do something about it. Many of us feel helpless, but we are only helpless if we think we are and stop ourselves from doing anything. It is time to take a stand for what is right and what is right is that not only us, but our children and their children and so on and so on have the right to live in a happy and loving world.

You turn on the television and there is so much corrupt and fighting going on….. even in what they call PG which is suppose to be for children. But so many shows show that fighting is the way to survive. And then there is the news, OMG! Talk about disasters, murders, rape, robberies, incest, kidnapping, war. and so many other things that are caused by mankind because of fear and anger. It’s time to have positive shows that show you can talk and resolve things and that it’s OK to be different and to have different ideas and still be understanding of each other.

For the last 3 months, I have been diligently working and creating with the help of my Spirit Guides guiding me in creating a live stream talk show that will be global reaching in to the corners of the world to help people. Remember the movie in which the man built this filed for baseball players not knowing where they would come from but was told intuitively to build it and that they would come. Well, The Divine and my Spirit Guides did the same thing with me! At first I was confused but now I understand what is happening and that this is just the beginning of something grand and I hope that you will be apart of it. Join me at http://www.lordiel.com and join the newsletter to stay informed.



So much is going on in the world today. Shifts taking place not just physically but in all aspects of our lives. It seems as though people are embracing being spiritual instead of religious. There is a difference and you can combine both or choose to be one or the other. What is your take on this and what do you choose to be >>> ???

BEAUTY IN HEAVENhttp://www.lordiel.com


Loveing Life and Being YOU!!!

Send me a message and let me know how listening to this has helped you.

A group formed to provide support for each other and allow you to be heard and supported in a loving and caring way.

Join us the second Tue. of every month to listen and or share your thoughts, concerns, feelings … etc. This hour is set aside for you to be embraced unconditionally as you give of yourself helping others. As youcare for others from your heart and many times physically and financially expecting nothing in return. Sometimes, you might get a thank you or a smile… but then someone will not appreciate what you are doing and grumble. And yet, you continue to take care of your loved one.

Join Lordiel and Shelly live online 646-378-0386 or come into the chat room while we talk and listen. Share what is going on with others to join in and be apart of this support community. Just know that you are not alone!

Join us the second Tue. of every month to listen and or share your

Incoming! – The Council

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councilThe Council

What in the world is going on?

Is that what you are feeling now? We know that many of you are. The more sensitive of you, even some who do not think of yourselves as such, are feeling, either physically, emotionally, or both as if something immense that you just cannot describe is going on. Something is different. Are you going nuts? Even if you have felt this sort of thing for quite some time, this feels new. This feels different.

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Collective consciousness is being changed – Quan Yin – 6-17-15

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We would like to talk to you today about the changes that many feel are taking place in the world around them. The truth of these changes is varied and range from feeling blissful to feeling anxious and unsettled. The energy from the collective consciousness is being changed, challenged, and rectified. This is not an easy process, as what has lead to the dominating thought forms was not created over night.

As each belief and thought is being rewritten slowly it must too be released slowly. Those of you who are sensitive feel this release, however, understand that the feelings it brings up within may only cause distress if there is a piece of this thought within you. So while it may seem a burden to feel with wave after wave of energy that is pulling and pushing, much like your oceans, understand that it a gift that is showing…

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I AM LORDIEL and have been guided to collaborate the messages and music that Spirit wants to give to you. The music is by Keya Kyea and Shaina Noll which is very spiritual and uplifting. I will channell the message for you to go within, and not only feel their love, but your love for yourself. You are such an awesome being!!! We are here to learn many lessons, but also to love unconditionally.


SHAINA was inspired to combine her love of singing with her deep interest in healing and the journey of spiritual awakening has been a profound gift in her life. The creation of each CD has been its own rigorous process that challenged her to grow, heal and become more conscious, contributing deeply to her own spiritual journey. That the songs have gifted so many people around the…

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Intention is very important at this time – Sanat Kumara – 7/27/15


Passing it forward in hopes that this will shed some light on your path. Namaste, Lordiel

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We come to you with exciting news! A wave of huge proportions is building and will reach your planet within the next few days. Your planet is being swept clear of all negativity that is ready to be released. How much this is, depends on the person. Each person is feeling themselves being challenged in many ways so that they may make great changes in their life even if the outward appearance is small. We understand that for those of you who feel caught in a circle of thoughts, emotions, life circumstances, this will seem not to be the case. We assure you however, that all that you are experiencing in these moments is designed to prepare you for what is coming. Many of you who are sensitive can feel that building of an incredible event, a beautiful moment in time. Even those who are not aware of the extraordinary events unfolding…

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