This is a silent mp3 that really works! I’ve tried it and forgot that I had it running ….. until I felt calm and started wondering why. LOL!!!!! I had this mp3 running and because there is no sound, I forgot about it until I felt myself letting go of the stress that had built up. The neat thing is that you can use this mp3 whenever you feel stressed  or going into a stressful situation. It will work on others that are involved and they won’t even know why there is less tension !!!!

Loveing Life and Being YOU!!!


Interested in improving your health,
finances, mindset or any other aspects
will be of great benefit to you.
Spiritual tools, products and services were scattered making it difficult for people to find the help they needed .
Now, Lordiel has brought together ‘gurus’ from all spiritual corners and created a single resource center in which you can access the help that you need quickly and easily.
Improving your life has never been
Lordiel holds divine spiritual healing energy to bless all who enter here. She showers you with unconditional love and embraces you exactly as you are.

This home is a one stop spiritual place for the mind, body and soul. Discover the essential energy nutrients to replenish and heal. Work with Lordiel and other Light workers to overcome fear, stress, depression, pain and whatever else you need to overcome, let go of or awaken and enlighten.

Whatever your challenges are, Lordiel or other Gurus here, can show you how to align with your life purpose and overcome the blocks that are in your way. Lordiel brings clarity to people’s lives and helps map out new potentials for growth, healing, self-awareness and spiritual understanding.

GAYLENE POPOVSKI offers transmissions that will find deeply stored hurts and upsets, patterns of lack of wealth and love, and words and unkindness that became the silent curses that you didn’t know were even affecting you.Be Empowered by these MP3’s they will clean up your issues without recreating them, without searching for them, and you will feel the freedom and lightness as deeps patterns so deeply stored in the subconscious release.

These MP3’s are a resource for empowerment. Silent, short & peaceful Nothing you need learn, nothing to have to work on and nothing you need to put any effort into changing. Simply allow the Energetics & Alchemy Transmissions release all that is not aligned with Love and Empowerment for you.

Dr. Pamela Moss is Your Soul Guide, Life Purpose Activator and Deep Healing and Awakening Alchemist, helps people around the world live magical lives and fulfill their soul purpose.

Pamela is the originator of the 7 Secrets to Grow Your Dreams to Reality and the LOVER System for Soulmate Success (the latter with her beloved twin flame, Mark Cantales). She works with select private clients and creates transformational programs, retreats, and products to help people access their inner wisdom and remove their resistance, so they can live magical lives, fulfill their soul purpose, and receive all that their hearts desire.

Spiritual Web TV is to embrace you where ever you are in your life and to assist you in an easier way….. to help make your life easier and better.

Foe more info , please go to and please subscribe to this chanell. There is so much more to come!!!

Namaste ………….




YOU  are invited to the launching of Spiritual Talk Show For The Mind-Body & soul tomorrow ( 09/19/2015 )  at 7pm EST. Click on this link  and join Lordiel via live stream. You will be able to see and talk to Lordiel and guests about the show. Also, your ideas are welcomed, so you can contribute as to what you would like to see and learn. Please pass this invitation forward and let’s have a grand launch! See you tomorrow……………………. Lordiel




A lot of fear and anger is being experienced  because there are so many questions and very few answers. I will be channeling answers and healing live to those that call in and discussing fear and anger. CALL IN # 646-378-0386.

There is so much fear and anger globally that it is time to do something about it. Many of us feel helpless, but we are only helpless if we think we are and stop ourselves from doing anything. It is time to take a stand for what is right and what is right is that not only us, but our children and their children and so on and so on have the right to live in a happy and loving world.

You turn on the television and there is so much corrupt and fighting going on….. even in what they call PG which is suppose to be for children. But so many shows show that fighting is the way to survive. And then there is the news, OMG! Talk about disasters, murders, rape, robberies, incest, kidnapping, war. and so many other things that are caused by mankind because of fear and anger. It’s time to have positive shows that show you can talk and resolve things and that it’s OK to be different and to have different ideas and still be understanding of each other.

For the last 3 months, I have been diligently working and creating with the help of my Spirit Guides guiding me in creating a live stream talk show that will be global reaching in to the corners of the world to help people. Remember the movie in which the man built this filed for baseball players not knowing where they would come from but was told intuitively to build it and that they would come. Well, The Divine and my Spirit Guides did the same thing with me! At first I was confused but now I understand what is happening and that this is just the beginning of something grand and I hope that you will be apart of it. Join me at and join the newsletter to stay informed.