If you haven’t listened to Dr. Eda previous program on cleansing & detoxing, take 30 min. now & listen

Now, tune in live to listen & ask questions concerning what you are eating & if it is what you should be eating. Remember, you are what you eat !!!

Discover natural healing solutions, nutritional advice, herbal vitamins, natural supplements, healthy weight loss & find out how you can enjoy remarkably good health through the inspiring Naturopathic Practitioner, Dr Eda Tong.

Dr. EDA is a Nautropath and Homeopath over 15 yrs.  Teaching the public to use FOOD and Food supplements to support the body’s healing process. She has inspired 100’s of women to take back their power and become financially independent.

I (Lordiel) will be having many more programs on healthy and approaching in a natural & spiritual way. If there is a subject you would like discussed, send me a message!

LiveSmart360 has introduced to the world a premium line of natural products, most sort after for its efficacy and powerful benefits. LiveSmart360 products can be ordered through my website


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