Clearing the throat chakra helps one to speak their truth. It doesn’t happen over night,  but with extended sessions and energy work your throat chakra can and will open completely so that you can speak your truth at all times …. allowing you to be youalways and forever… ;0)

I know  that I speak for many of us including myself when I say that 2011 was a roller coaster year !!!! There were highs and then there were lows. Many of us wait until the end of the year to make resolutions for the next year. Why wait, when I know that I usually don’t complete the resolutions that I come up with. So, I am ready right now to start making changes that will make a great difference in my life & in the lives of others all around the world. You are invited to call in & share your experiences, insights and what is in your heart. I will also have various guest join me. My goal is to do this on a daily basis until the end of the year. To be notified of the times, follow me here on blogtalk & they will send you an email or text to your cell phone. Many things will be covered concerning the mind, body, soul and financially. So tune in on the internet in the chat room, or call in…… This is a first for me to do my programs this way, but I will continue to roll with the flow as I AM guided.



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