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There’s a lot of talk about unconditional love and just about everyone would say that they want this in their lives.  However most people have never been taught exactly what it is and how to access and utilize it for for healing, transformation and actualization of their heart’s desire.  Contrary to popular belief, the Divine quality of love, which is the most powerful healer there is and is in fact the ONLY healing energy, is accessible to all.  Ellen Kratka of Sacred Spiral Services is going to discuss how we can amp up the unconditional love in our lives and make use of its power to clear dis-ease of all kinds and live our full potential.  You’ll learn why she believes, “To love is all you need.”

Ellen Kratka is a Spirit-based life and business success coach and mind-body energy healer since 1996, She is in the Business of Unconditional Love – showing people how to have, do and be everything they truly desire out of life.

Ellen specializes in teaching people who have suffered abuse how to free themselves from its effects in their lives, as she has. She does this primarily by giving clients of Sacred Spiral Services unconditional love and reflecting back to them their own Divine nature.  Thus those who work with Ellen, learn how to shift the parts of themselves that aren’t ready to receive love out of fear and into full connectedness and identification with Spirit.

Lordiel’s programs assist people with their journey in life….. mind, body, soul & financial abundance.Please feel free to share all my programs with all that you love & know. Lordiel  for individual guidance and healing.


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