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Discover natural healing solutions, nutritional advice, herbal vitamins, natural supplements, healthy weight loss & find out how you can enjoy remarkably good health through the inspiring Naturopathic Practitioner, Dr Eda Tong.

“Dr Eda is a Naturopath for 20 yrs from Houston Tx.  She has traveled and helped thousands of clients all over the world.  Her passion is to teach the public how to take care themselves naturally and understand how the body can works like a miracle machine if we support the body with clean fuels.”

It all started 25 years ago when Dr. Eda Tong seriously decided to raise her family with a natural health approach.She is passionate about her holistic practice because she had a wakeup call 25 years ago. Dr Eda oldest brother passed away from cancer at the young age of 48 yrs old.  After that,she decided to raise her family naturally without drugs. Taking the best nutritional supplements is now  very important to Dr Eda Tong and her family.

So Dr Eda decided to pursue the diploma of Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopathic Doctor, Iridologist and Sclerologist 15 years ago. During the past 15 years of working with her clients,Dr Eda learned a lot about degenerating diseases and what are the root causes of them. Her intention is to educate her clients with the right approach to have great health, not only for when they are ill, but also on how to increase their body’s immunity long term.

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