TODAY @ 3PM PST … CALL in and share

JOIN ME FOR A DISCUSSION ON HEALTH REMEDIES OLD AND NEW…. I will share with you some remedies that my ancestors used to prevent and or cure illness. Also, I will talk about new remedies that I now use. I am a R.N. and I do believe in science and spiritual remedies. I work with many energies and also work with the physical and spiritual world. We can help and support each other by sharing what we have learned from our ancestors and what we have learned in our experiences and our knowledge that we have gathered from books.

Celestial Crystalline Channelled Messages by Lordiel
Lordiel steps aside and allows herself to channel the messages to the questions that are asked of the Spirit World and Ancestors.
Sometimes the answers are not what you are looking for, but the answers are the truth. Lordiel is a Spiritual Practitioner & Healer and works with many energy modalities plus the gifts that she brought to earth with her. She is available for individuals and groups. Go to her website and make an appointment for a life changing reading/healing…so many doors will be opened for you once you take the first step!!!


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