Join us on Tue @ 11 AM PST on


Lordiel and Judy Cameron will co-host to discuss healing, love and energy for now, and for all eternity.
Time continues to change each and every second and we are all going through many things mentally, physically and spiritually. Now, more than ever is the time to be supportive of each other and non-judgemental.
I (Lordiel) am a Spiritual Practitioner and have produced books and CDs which you can find on and I am available for individuals and groups for spiritual readings and energy healings.

Judy Cameron can offer wonderful ancient wisdom for stress relief, on the topics of Divorce, Body and Money Stress. Her site is
  She was a research nurse in ovarian cancer and OB research for a lot of her career but  felt pulled to discover what ancient and natural information had gone before us because, well, it’s worked for a lot longer than the 200 years of western medicine and is so much more subtle, loving and allows us to be self-responsible. Judy is very sincere and works from her heart and knowledge that she has accumulated over the years and her experiences that she has gone through.
We will be doing work in healing love energy, so join us to listen or call in to share and ask questions.
Let us be here for each other.
Love & Light … Judy & Lordiel


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