Hello my Spiritual Visionary Tribe !

How are you this fine awesome day !?! If you do not feel that it is, change the way that you are looking at it. It’s like a glass of water that is not filled to the top, is it half full or half empty ??? Only you can decide.

I slept only 4 hours last night, woke up and did some work on the computer for 3 hrs and then allowed myself to just BE. During the afternoon, I even found myself taking a 2 hour nap which is very unusual for me but it was refreshing and I AM feeling good. When I woke up, I looked at my phone and saw that someone tried to call me. So, I checked the volume, and it had been turned all the way down. I knew that it wasn’t me because I had gone out and used my GPS and the volume was all the way up. So, I thanked my guides because they will do things like this when I AM doing what I AM suppose to be doing. ;0)

I’ve learned many lessons over the years and the people that I mentor also benefit from my lessons. One of them is to prioritize what you need to do for the day and as you go through the day, check them off and what gets done is what needed to get done. What doesn’t get done you can either carry it over to the next day or it just wasn’t meant to be. In doing this, you will be able to monitor yourself and go with the flow knowing that NOT everything will get done, but what needs to get done will get done. It does take patience with yourself and effort to get into this rhythm and to stay in it. I sometimes fall out of rhythm, but will diligently get back into it.

To thine own self be true.

This journey with the contest is falling into a pace of it’s own …. one that I AM embracing and becoming comfortable with. Mostly because I AM letting go a lot of expectations due to the fact that so many wonders and miracles of love and support are coming from all of you !!! You are showing me and reminding me how much I AM supported by the physical world and the spiritual world. So many things are falling into place because I AM accepting everything as it is and not trying to make it what I think it should be. 

Just like you becoming one of the tribe… this tribe !!! I didn’t even know that I was going to have a tribe, no less a name for it! But then that is how my guides work with me … as I AM in the flow of things, everything that supports me for my best and highest good flows into the flow … and you are one of them !!! AWESOME !!!

So, my Spiritual Visionary Tribe, carry on with our vision that one by one each and everyone in the world will let their light shine and be who they are meant to be!!!




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