Hello my fellow Spiritual Visionary Tribe !!!

It has been truly a busy day for me. Luckily I have my list of priorities !!! I have accomplished what I set out to do quicker than I thought I would. I am making all my preparations for my expo and seminar in NC the week end of 24th, but before I go there, I am going to visit my daughter Shanalyna. If you live in NC, you might want to visit the expo and stop by and say hello to me or come to the seminar. Here is the link …


After I finish writing to you, next on my list is to send out more invites for this contest and to see if I have any comments that might have come in … so I can say Thank-you! It is always good to let people know that you appreciate what they do and you also appreciate their time that they took to do something for you.

So today is about appreciation and gratitude. As I told you when I first started writing, I start my day in gratitude to my Higher Source and to Mother Earth and to the Spirit World and everything else in between. I also end my day giving gratitude just before I close my eyes … and it makes me feel so good. It also makes everyone else that I gave gratitude to feel good. So it’s a win win !!!

So with that, I thank-you for being apart of my tribe and for all the support that you are giving me. It means more than you know! THANK-YOU !!!




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