As I start today, I am tired. But, I know I must go on because there is much to do. My daughter Shanalyna drove up last night to pick me up from my son Dishan’s house to take me back to her house because she lives closer to the doctor that I am to see. I am setting up new doctors because I have just relocated from the state of Washington.

I really had a good night sleep, but still felt tired when I arose at 6AM. But I was determined to get some work done before we left the house … so I spent the next two hours working on the computer thanking those that had voted for for me in this contest and inviting them to join us in our Spiritual Visionary Tribe. It is growing and now I am going to ask you to write comments to what I am writing and also what this journey means to you and the lessons that I am sharing with you.

As my daughter and myself drove down the highway, I called to check on my Daughter Tabby to see how she was doing because she had surgery yesterday. She answered the phone sounding weak but said she was OK. ;0) I sent Divine Blessings her way. I also spoke to my daughter Barbara-lee yesterday  and we talked about how her son Mikkel was growing in leaps and bounds and at 6 yrs old reading 5th grade book. And of course he talked to me and told me all about his day. I asked my daughters ( both ) to help me while I was doing the Expo and seminars with my contest and I received a resounding YES!!! I am getting so much help from so many people that I am still amazed………… My friend Marie called today and she that her and Bonnie were doing an astrology report for me. And as I read through the hundreds of messages I am receiving daily … people are sending me love, good wishes, good thoughts and loads of supportImage. All of this is to say…… Just keep doing good, one day it will come back to you !!! THANK-YOU !!!




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