Today is an awesome day… each and every day is awesome, it’s all in how you look at it, accept it, receive it and live it ! I spent today twirling around on Mother Earth in different states as I traveled. I talked with all sorts of people and laughed with them and a few I empathized with. But for the most part, many were happy because they were going to a wedding! Even those I empathized with were happy on some level because they were flying to be with their loved ones that needed their support and they were able to do so.

Happiness and joy has so many levels and dimensions. You have to allow yourself to be open and be receptive of what is coming to you and what you are allowing to flow from you. When the flow is going in and out, it is balanced. And when you are balanced, you can smile and know that special feeling of love and joy. It doesn’t take a whole lot …. you just do it ! As I traveled through the airport, I smiled at people, said hello and talked with those I sat next to or stood next to. And very easily and warmly my greetings were returned and our conversations turned into laughter….

Life is precious and short …. share your joy and love and it will be returned to you.





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