Off to a another great day, one I am sure will be filled with surprises, love, laughter and lessons!!! I just finished sending out more invites asking people to vote for me and support me in my vision. Hopefully, my vision either is or will become everyone’s vision ……. TO BE WHO YOU ARE-TO BE ALL THAT YOU ARE !!!

I am on my way to catch another flight, so that is why I am writing to you early this morning. By the time I reach my destination, it will be night and I wanted to make sure that I reach out to you and say hello and let you know how things are coming along. Level one for this contest will be ending soon and participants will be notified if they made it to level two. So, if you haven’t voted for me yet…. PLEASE DO !!! Also, please ask others to vote for me……………… THANK-YOU !!!

During this contest, I have really stepped out of my comfort zone. I have never written a blog like this and writing it has really made me hone in on what it is I am doing. I have learned so much just because I AM trusting, learning, embracing all that I AM no matter what !!! WOW!!! As some would say, TOTALLY RADICAL !!!! LOL!!!!

So step out today and be totally radical !!!



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