It really is, no matter what you are going through …. even if it doesn’t look or feel like a beautiful day …. I suggest you take off your filtering glasses and change the lenses and also change your thought patterns in your mind to beautiful … even if you have to make believe until you realize and feel that  that it is a beautiful day. Go to itunes if you don’t have the song already and play”It’s A Beautiful Day!”

Surrounded by my loved ones in this world and from the spirit world … I feel so much joy, love and peace. I have struggled so much of my life to keep me as I knew myself to be as a spiritual being. Now, those struggles are over. I AM THAT I AM AND SO MUCH MORE. As I entered this year, I knew that it was really going to be a powerful turning point for me ( I’ve had quite a few …. but extremely painful ) and I am doing cart wheels over this one !!! As I gracefully float and fly into my 60’s the smile on my face and in my heart is contagious. So be careful that you don’t catch what I have….. you might enjoy it too ! LOL!!!

Laughter is good for the soul …. so laugh more and cry less. Sometimes when you are crying, think about how silly you look and sound and allow your crying to turn into laughter and you will find other people laughing with you. I’m smiling more and more as I write to you, and I am starting to laugh too !!! WOW! That feels good and my heart says thank-you !

Continue your day with a smile on your face, in your heart and in your soul …. PEACE!

Love & Light,



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