Today I find my self talking to people or listening to their woes, and I always go back to asking that person … “What part did you plan in the decision?” You see, we all have a choice in what happens, and even if you feel that you don’t have a choice because you are soooooooooooooooo bent on being the victim … that’s a choice!!!

Good, bad and in between, you have a choice in what happens in your life. Just the mere accepting of what is happening to you is a choice. Today while talking to my daughter Tabby, we discussed victims and survivors. Because she too is a mentor, she has worked with many people that are victims and helped them turn their lives around into being warriors. I too work with people in that they see and learn their lessons and become who they are suppose to be. No matter who you are or what you do, you are going to fall !!! And the higher you go, the harder the fall will be. What matters is, do you lie in your muck… or do you get up, brush yourself off and start the climb again?

I have had many set backs and have gotten up many times. Does that make me a victim??? NO !!! I AM a survivor, a warrior …. and I will continue to overcome my battles that are presented to me and learn my lessons. And along the way, I will enjoy life to it’s fullest and live my life as I see it to be and know it to be. What do you choose to be ……… a victim or a survivor???Image


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