“Clearing the mind, and Creative Visualization” are essential tools for any kind of Metaphysical work, and they both take a lot of time and effort to learn. Creative Visualization appears to be an appropriate place to start day 2.

We will learn how to focus on one thing and See it, Know it and Feel it. If there is time, Shelly will take you down to your “Special Place,” which is located in your Alpha Level. This includes seeing the colors and visualizing themselves.The link to listen to this program is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy and please share with others

Shelly Seitz is a light worker who has been a Professional Intuitive Reader and Medium since 1986. Psychometry is her innate specialty and Astrology is her focus. She is a clear and open channel who can receive and deliver your Universal information.As a pioneer in the broad and changing Metaphysical field, she has been called to guide, teach, enlighten, mentor, educate, and intuitively help people to help themselves with choices and options. Shelly‘s services are uniquely personal, affordable, practical, ethical, confidential, and as diverse as my knowledge and experience base. Shelly is an ordained non-denominational minister, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a certified Business Entrepreneur Specialist, and certified in Behavior Management, Physical Intervention and Pharmacology. www.sagsun.com

Lordiel… Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker plus much more,offers individual sessions, group sessions and workshops www.celestial-energies.com

http://www.keen.com/Lordiel  for readings and energy healing


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