You are now reading and listening to Day 3!!! YEA !!! You are still in the flow of the 21 Day Event. I cannot stress how important it is for you to listen each and every day. DO NOT SKIP A DAY !!! You will grow and learn and receive what you need at this time. After you listen to the entire 21 days, feel free to listen to any day that really speaks to you. The link to listen to the program is at the bottom of the page.  Namaste!
Justin Elledge, Medical Intutive, Energy healer and Teacher will be Transmitting Divine Sacred Teachings and Instruction in Esoteric Buddhism practices. This form of remote energy healing is the direct ancestor and original ancient form of Healing leading to the lineage of Reiki Work.
These training and transmissions continued in an unbroken lineage for 2,500 hundred years prior to be brought out to the West by Master Yu, Dharma King Dechan Jueren, 49th lineage bearer of the Chinese Esoteric School, and 47th lineage bearer of the Linji School of Chan/Zen Buddhism.

Join us to Receive “The Buddhas Blessings” and learn to practice this Healing Meditation and Healing Art at Home. Before tuning in, it is advised that you do a space clearing in your home to better receive these transmissions to raise your vibration and frequency of light. My journey to helping others heal began when I suffered my first migraine headache in 1971. At that time, I was told by physicians that I “would just have to live with them” and that there was no cure. These many years later I have learned that is not so.
It is my abilities as a Medical Intuitive that came from a long and amazing journey to wellness, of which I still pursue.
During these many years I sought out many alternative health solutions. I have not done this alone, and have enlisted many talented practitioners over the years. Finding what works and does not work, and for me, is part of that journey, and I now share that knowledge with others.In addition, I have worked in the world of engineering and design with several patents as well as being a Licensed Vocational Nurse for 20+ years.

Lordiel, a Spiritual Practitioner … I AM THAT I AM …
A LOVE OFFERING is greatly appreciated by going to and sending the gift to  Thank You ! Lordiel


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