Day 9 as you listen, you learn tools to help you with whatever you are going through. Plus there are some funny moments where you even get to laugh at yourself. This program turns out to be a group discussion about anxiety, stress, depression plus other things that are shared. So, you get insight from different views and nothing but the absolute truth !!! Enjoy and please share and the link is at the bottom of the page for you to listen to. Please listen to the end because it gets better and better………


Working through Anxiety, Stress and Depression is real and authentic.Lordiel is joined with a panel of surprised guest who open up their hearts and share their stories with you and how they got through their stress, anxiety and depression. Lordiel also opens her heart as she does each and every time and shares one of her stories that really lets you know that there is nothing that is impossible but everything and anything is possible!!!

Life is a give and take and so much is being given to you that YOU should support Lordiel and her mission by sending as much as you can via and the email address that this love gift should be sent to is

Nothing in life is free! Know this, feel this and allow your exchange of energy to be 360 degrees in sending a love gift.Stress, Anxiety , Depression,Anger,Sadness etc. are all energies that we can dispell and turn into good loving positive energy. Listen to every single 21Days from Jan 1st to Jan 21st and your life is guaranteed to change in some way…. be it small or large, there will be a change!!! Do NOT skip or miss a day but listen to each day from day 1. If you miss a day or just starting to listen, go back to day 1 and listen continually. Please share THE 21 DAYS with family, friends and social media. May you be BLESSED…………


Music – Come To Be – by Keya Rainbow Heart


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