All of us are unique and have a Divine Gift for ourselves and to share with others. It’s just that, some of us don’t believe it, think it, feel it or have been brain washed that you are not worthy of your divinity, love and special gifts. I believe you are !!!

Lordiel, Spiritual Practitioner   Image 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know or confirm what Divine Gift, Wise Knowing, or Commission, you brought to the planet Earth when you were born? Discovering or remembering your gift could be a great  contributor to feelings of happiness and success! On this program Marie D. McCohnell will discuss what it means to be born with a special Divine Gift/Comisssion, and how to develop, protect and support those gifts in these modern times.We are born with at least one unique gift.Throughout your life you might display many talents and gifts but “The One Gift” or “Divine Commission” that you were born with “is a special calling”!  It is a calling that must be realized and fulfilled in order to satisfy your soul’s growth and mission.Marie has a B.A. degree in psychology and a M.S. degree in the education of the gifted. She has also received formal training and is certified in many health centered modalities including  reflexology, aroma therapy, mental and spiritual health via education, mentoring, counseling and intervention. 

Marie D. McCohnell is the owner of FOOD FOR HEARTS, Holistic Health, Wellness and Education Consultant and a Certified Gifted Teacher

Lordiel, a Spiritual Practitioner is available for individuals and groups ,more info @   A LOVE Offering is greatly appreciated @ http://www.paypal.comPlease use for gift giving. Thank-you!


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